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This is a website dedicated to the wonderful dancer and actor Misha Gabriel Hamilton.

I'm not related personally with him and, unfortunately, have no direct contact with Misha.

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Best Music video Choreographer 2015 (with Nick Bass & Mark Ballas)


Jump Dance Minneapolis 2015 pictures

06/12/2015 15:13

From yesterday Misha's lesson


The Dome video is on youtube

29/11/2015 15:22


Mdc at The Dome 2015 videos and pics

26/11/2015 18:48

Misha gave lesson at The Dome in Miami on 23rd november.

You can find a pictures in the gallery (under lessons homepage) and 3 videos in the section "lessons - New": I'll mix them soon

Misha retweeted my tweet

24/11/2015 18:27

So happy!!

Added WCA pictures

22/11/2015 16:57

I added screenshots of the World Choreography Award prizegiving.

Also cut the video and uploaded it on youtube:


World Choreography Award 2015

17/11/2015 18:43

Yesterday Misha won the prize as best video choreo for the song "Get my name" by Mark Ballas, with Nick Bass.

Here the video of the prizegiving (I'll cut the piece with him asap)


Here the pictures


Congratulation to ourt boy, we are so proud of him, are we?

Video updates

15/11/2015 15:44

New videos added in the "lesson" and "interview" sections, follow the NEW icon.

I also updated the Masterclass 2015 video, mixed all in one on youtube

Cc&Co video and picture

12/11/2015 18:41

Misha thaught at Cc&Co on Tuesday. Here the link of the video, the pictures in the Gallery "lesson" section



Greenville pictures added

10/11/2015 18:37

Added new pictures of Misha's lesson with Jump Dance in the gallery.

Also added 1 picture in Jagthug and 1 in Beatcamp 2015 last page

New gallery categories

08/11/2015 16:21

I worked and fix some section of the photogallery, moved single pictures in the right category and even complete galleries.

If you look for Misha's lesson, click on "lessons" and there you will find subpages with the names of the lessons.

In "With fans" you'll find the pictures taken with fans after the lessons that haven't their own categories (usually due to low numbers of them), while in the main page other pics of uncategoriesed lesson.

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