Pictures copyrights

05/09/2015 15:37

Hi all,

I was blamed to use pictures of other sites without authorization: 1st, it wasn't my intention to do it, since "idols" exist, fans share and exchange photos, I did it with mine and was proud to do it.

I credit the sites where I take the pictures but maybe this france site is so jealous of her pictures that asked me to remove them; but she made no problems to post the scans of a magazine with Misha interviews I sent her (crediting me), with the difference that I paid to have the magazine. Also, as it's possible to see on some of the pictures she posts, there are credits of the site where she took them, so she can do it and I don't?.

Update 31-12-2016:
From the time I wrote this post, I removed those pictures and replaced almost all with the same photos took from other sources, cause most of them are avaliable on google or instagram

So, if you don't see any credit or any written on the pic that means that I found that with Google images or instagram.


The administrator