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This is a website dedicated to the wonderful dancer and actor Misha Gabriel Hamilton.

I'm not related personally with him and, unfortunately, have no direct contact with Misha.

Here you can find news, the photogallery and all the information I can find about him around the web.

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Best Music video Choreographer 2015 (with Nick Bass & Mark Ballas)


New Jump dance class video

25/10/2015 17:00

The Juniors are killing it in 's class this morning! See the video


MDC Dallas crew

20/10/2015 18:20

Misha will be one of the mentor at MDC Dallas crew: watch his video here:


Added the photogallery

18/10/2015 17:10

I added fiew other pictures in "Beatcamp / Urban Dance" gallery, and one in the "personal life"

Misha Masterclass videos

08/10/2015 15:32

I've added 6 new videoclips of Misha Masterclass and charity lesson of last 5th october.

Click in the videos section, "Lessons" and you will find the "New" title


Credit goes to http://websta.me/n/mdcdance

Dance Millenium 7-10-2015

06/10/2015 18:45

Yesterday, Misha did a lesson and a foundraising too.

Click on the title for the picture

Lesson and charity

03/10/2015 16:42

Misha will teach on 5 october here with a charity event, too.

click on the title

World choreography award

03/10/2015 16:36

Misha and Nick Bass received a nomination for the video "Get my name" by Mark Ballas

click on the title for the pic or look at the bottom of the page

Interview added

29/09/2015 17:04

I added an old Misha interview about Step Up 4.

Check out the "interviews" section

Jump dance new video

28/09/2015 16:18


Latest arrival

28/09/2015 15:59

Added the voice to some pictures gallery categories to help you find the new pics

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