Jumpdance St.Louis december 2017

10/12/2017 15:59!  

Danceforce december 2017

08/12/2017 15:54
I added a photo on the 2nd page and a clip after "NEW" here:!

Living spaces

07/12/2017 16:07
For the official pictures and clips click here: For screenshots made by me click here:

Updates and restyling

30/11/2017 15:17
Updates: Restyling: The Kamotion 2016 screencaps has been moved in this gallery I created...

Hip Hop cruise in Bahamas screencaps

29/11/2017 16:03
I created the gallery here (screens made by me):


27/11/2017 16:27!


19/11/2017 16:23! (pics and link)! (last page)

Jumpdance Minneapolis november 2017

19/11/2017 16:22
I created the gallery here:!


17/11/2017 16:11
Due to the block on the site (read the previous news), I cancelled all the words "video" in every section, at least in this page (I have to do it yet in the parent gallery), at least where I couldn't avoid to use it, since this IS a video sites, but Webnode requested that. Noted that I NEVER found...

Site blocked

14/11/2017 18:41
Webnode advised me that they blocked my site due to possible porn contents, in particular the words BOY, GIRL, VIDEO and SCHOOL. Actually, I find this absurd cause they are words of common use in the English language and my site IS a VIDEO and picture site!! They asked me to remove this words...