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This is a website dedicated to the wonderful dancer and actor Misha Gabriel Hamilton.

I'm not related personally with him and, unfortunately, have no direct contact with Misha.

Here you can find news, the photogallery and all the information I can find about him around the web.

In "Contact us" you'll find my mail, twitter, youtube and instagram account.

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Best Music video Choreographer 2015 (with Nick Bass & Mark Ballas)


Site blocked

17/11/2017 15:28
14/11/2017 17:59
Webnode advised me that they blocked my site due to possible porn contents, in particular the words BOY, GIRL, VIDEO and SCHOOL.
Actually, I find this absurd cause they are words of common use in the English language and my site IS a VIDEO and picture site!!
They asked me to remove this words or they’ll block me again. It will require lots of times cause almost in every sections there is the word “video” so I excuse myself if you’ll find that the site is blocked again.
I’ll let you know when/if the problem is solved.
Daniela – The administrator
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