Jagthug interview

12/09/2015 17:01
The search for the best dance crew will come to an end this Saturday, May 30, at the Mall of Asia Arena.
The almost six hundred dance crews that auditioned have now been trimmed down to twelve. 
These twelve crews will battle for the chance to compete and showcase their talent abroad. The winner will get to represent the Philippines in the Dance2Dance competition in Zurich, Switzerland.
Nineteen-year-old dancer and choreographer Chachi Gonzales is back in Manila for the second time to judge the finale of JagThug World Dance Off. She will be joined by Step Up Revolution star Misha Gabriel.
PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked both Chachi and Misha about their experience in the country.
First timer Misha quickly replied, “It’s been great so far. It’s my first time so I am enjoying it.
“The people are amazing, the food is great, a little warm but I am getting used to it.”
For her part, Chachi expressed her excitement about coming back to Manila, “It’s my second time here so I am excited to be back. I love it here it’s one of my favorite places.”
JAGTHUG WORLD DANCE OFF. The JagThug World Dance Off competition has recently concluded a nationwide tour searching for dance crews that best display talent parallel to the quality of a world-class brand. Its theme is its message: Dare to Compete.
It promotes a healthy competition as a venture in which dancers can progressively engage and to which they can channel their inherent Filipino spirit of resilience.
What can the finalists expect from this dance competition?
“600 crews auditioned to compete, so it’s down to the finals and it’s now down to twelve.
“It’s gonna be high energy and insane competition,” says Misha.
He continued, “All expenses paid on their way to Switzerland. They’ve been putting a lot of prizes. A cash price that is tax free.”
Chachi adds, “They will definitely get what they deserve.
“It’s gonna be crazy and it will be an amazing opportunity to go to Switzerland all expenses paid so I think it’s gonna be a fun thing to experience it.”
How is this different from the other dance competitions?
Chachi’s short but sweet reply, “It’s Filipino.”
What do they expect to see from the twelve dance crews they will be judging on Saturday?
Chachi expects it to be emotional, similar to what she witnessed the first time she was in the Philippines. “I know there’s gonna be a lot of crazy stunts, I know that for sure.
“I remember that from the last time and a lot of emotional performances. Last time I saw a whole crew crying on stage while they were dancing. That was crazy to see.”
What characteristics should the winning dance crew possess in order to bag the grand prize?
Misha answera, “Passion, style, technique and competitiveness.”
Chachi adds, “Just by looking like they’re enjoying themselves.”
The winners of the competition will be determined at the Final Battle, happening this Saturday, May 30, at the SM MOA Arena.
Twelve dance crews, who stood out among nearly six hundred in the initial eliminations and further outperformed the top 100 in the semi-finals, will battle it all out in a final showdown. These are: Who Am I, Streetbuck, XB Gensan, Dauntless Republic, Next to Innocence, FMD Extreme, Skip Dance Family, Don Juan, Xtreme Dancers, D’Squared, Boyz Unlimited and Rockstars.
Read more at https://www.pep.ph/guide/tv/18000/step-up-star-misha-gabriel-to-judge-dance-competition-in-manila#wFYcTVRz6LqoVu58.99